Meet your vehicle in the place where it was made.

Your first drive doesn't have to go from the lot to your driveway. Meet your vehicle at the renowned BMW Welt, enjoy exclusive VIP tours of BMW facilities, take your new vehicle for its first spin across the famed Autobahn, choose from five Driving Adventure packages, indulge at world-class hotels, and then meet your vehicle back home at the end.

Learn more about each step of the journey you'll take:

1. Order Your BMW

Choose a vehicle to meet in Europe.

Taking delivery of your new BMW in Europe will definitely make you smile. So will the savings. You may save up to 7 percent of the retail price. Those savings may pay for your trip. You'll also save by eliminating airplane, train, taxi, and bus fares while in Europe.

Important Information: European Pick Up During Winter Months

Germany passed a ruling that requires drivers to properly equip their vehicles according to inclement weather conditions. When driving conditions are dangerous due to ice or snow, cars must be equipped with All Season tires (also called 'M+S tires'). There might be street sections for which snow tires or even snow chains are declared mandatory. This often is the case for ski resorts and alpine passes. It is the responsibility of the car owner and driver to equip their vehicle appropriately for the prevailing weather conditions. If you do not appropriately equip your vehicle for the weather conditions that exist during your drive, obstruct traffic or get involved in an accident as a result thereof, it is possible you may be cited for a violation of the law by the local authorities or be found to be grossly negligent according to the law. Other countries you may visit including Austria and Switzerland may also have similar laws. If the Police find that you are not equipped with the appropriate items when the weather conditions deem them necessary, and if the officer feels that other traffic participants have been endangered, they have the authority to fine a driver 20 euros or in some cases significantly higher.

Important Information: Insurance and Registration

BMW European Delivery provides 14 days of premium insurance and tourist registration with no additional cost to you. However, should you decide to extend this, additional coverage is available for purchase in 30-day increments only. Insurance beyond the 14 days and up to five (5) months is available for an additional premium. For example, for 45 days coverage, you would order two months of insurance, which is the actual coverage period, not one month plus 14 days. This coverage must extend to your drop-off date and can be arranged through your local BMW Center and must be done in advance to your pick up date. The European Delivery department must be notified a minimum of 2 weeks prior to pick up in Munich in the event of an insurance change. The change of insurance cannot be done upon arrival in Munich.

2. Plan Your Trip
Start preparing your European Delivery adventure. Or as you'll call it, vacation.

Fly Lufthansa round-trip from the U.S. to Munich, and your companion flies free.
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Enjoy attentive, award-winning in-flight service en route to Munich with Lufthansa. With this exclusive offer available only to BMW European Delivery Travel Program clients, you and your traveling companion will arrive relaxed, on time, and ready to pick up the keys to your very own BMW. With 75 years of experience, 16 U.S. gateways, the best on-time performance at their hubs in Frankfurt and Munich, and this very special offer, Lufthansa is your ticket to the ultimate BMW European Adventure.

Your tour begins at Munich's Franz Josef Strauss Airport. The trip to the BMW Welt by rental car or taxi, takes approximately 30 - 45 minutes. There is also a convenient connection via urban railway and underground. Take the S1 or S8 urban railway lines to Munich and exit at 'Marienplatz'. Change at 'Marienplatz' and take the U3 underground line to 'Olympiapark', exiting at 'Olympiapark' underground station. When you exit here, it is just a few meters on foot to the north entrance of the BMW Welt.

3. Pick Up Your BMW

Get behind your new wheel at the famed BMW Welt.

Picking up your new BMW in Munich is the start of an unbelievable experience. The BMW Welt is home to automobile exhibitions, an automobile delivery center and an event hub all under one roof. Customers and visitors are provided with a closer-than-ever insight into all aspects of the BMW brand. A wide range of events and exhibitions housed in the striking double cone, automobile displays as well as impressive BMW technology and design exhibits ensure that a visit to BMW Welt is a day to remember.

For younger visitors, the Junior Campus provides a unique place where both imagination and curiosity are promoted and technical knowledge is passed on.

The BMW Welt delivery center is conveniently located across from BMW's corporate headquarters in the heart of Munich.

European Delivery ensures exclusive offers, including a factory tour, BMW Museum tour, complimentary Delivery Center Café refreshments, and more

4. Drive Through Europe

Make your BMW's first drive as memorable as it deserves to be.

BMW's were made for the mountain-winding, Autobahn-racing, village-skirting of modern and historic Europe. So it's only natural you and your new BMW should enjoy your first drives here.

Now that you have carefully selected the perfect BMW for you, it is time to design the ultimate travel experience to go with it.

These optional driving adventures are designed to let you experience the very best European hospitality along the way, providing unparalleled access and VIP treatment at some of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

With the purchase of one of these travel packages, your tour will begin at Munich's Franz Josef Strauss Airport where you'll be met and driven to the BMW Welt or the Bayerischer Hof, a family-owned historic hotel. The Bayerischer Hof provides the perfect launching pad for a driving tour of Bavaria and beyond.

5. Come Home

Meet your BMW in your driveway.

It couldn't be easier to ship your new BMW home at the conclusion of your trip. There are 13 convenient drop-off locations throughout Europe. Simply drive your car to the location of your choice.

E.H. Harms is the designated shipping company. The cost of transportation, customs clearance and duty, and marine insurance is included in the purchase price of all BMWs sold under the European Delivery Program.

All cars depart from Antwerp, Belgium, or Bremerhaven, Germany. It will take approximately 6-8 weeks to the East coast and 8-10 weeks to the West Coast from drop off date for a car to arrive at your BMW center for final delivery. Be advised that if you drop off your car at any other location than Germany that arrival time will be longer.

Please remove all personal items and accessories (such as the first aid kit and hazard warning sign). These items are not covered by insurance. Only the spare tire, jack, and tools can be shipped with the car. It is recommended that the exterior of your vehicle is clean before you initiate shipment to U.S. You may want to visit a car wash prior to dropping off your car, especially if you have traveled long distances in Europe.

BMW will notify you of your vehicle's arrival in the United States. After clearing customs, the BMW Vehicle Processing Center at the port of entry will inspect your car and install any applicable accessories. Your BMW will be inspected again upon arriving at your BMW center. The center's technicians will also install any optional accessories you wish to add to your new BMW. Your client adviser will redeliver your car to you, the perfect souvenir of your European vacation.